The HOLOGRAPHIK® fireplace is the new experience of fire

The HOLOGRAPHIK® fireplace is the new experience of fire

For more than 50 years, FOCUS has set the standard worldwide. The new BATHYSCAFOCUS HOLOGRAPHIK® is suitable for any interior. This is the fireplace of the future.

Seeing is believing, through a unique holographic system with an immersive design where flames play in 3D over natural ceramic logs. This creates a stunningly realistic holographic fire with sensory pleasure, enhanced by the familiar sound of a crackling wood fire. More than fireplaces, FOCUS creates surprises and experiences.

Exceptionally innovative
A patent with ten technological innovations makes the HOLOGRAPHIK® unique.
It is groundbreaking for the Made in France label. To date, this range consists of two iconic models: the spherical BATHYSCAFOCUS whose design was praised by Stockholm’s Museum of Modern Art.

Zero Emission
HOLOGRAPHIK® fireplaces have no fuel supply and are also tremendously energy efficient with no emissions. Only an electrical outlet is needed, which means the fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere in a wide variety of interiors.

Safe and easy to use
BATHYSCAFOCUS HOLOGRAPHIK® hangs and can rotate 80°, allowing the fire to be enjoyed from almost any angle. The contemporary electric fireplace poses no risk of fire and produces no sparks, making it perfect for a bedroom, common area or any project where comfort and safety are essential. HOLOGRAPHIK® consumes less than 30 watts and thus virtually no electricity. HOLOGRAPHIK® is easy to operate and can be turned on and off at the touch of a button.

HOLOGRAPHIK® is the answer for anyone who wants to enjoy a fire in rooms not normally suitable for a fireplace. The flue is decorative only and the length is adjusted to any ceiling height.

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