The hotel feeling at home

The hotel feeling at home

It has become one of the most used quotes in home decorating magazines and on social media: “creating the hotel feel for home.” But what is that – the hotel feeling? And that while hotels want to make sure their guests feel at home; in other words, the ultimate home-away-from-home feeling.

What we are all looking for is to create the right mood for the right time of day. This applies to almost all rooms in the home, with the bathroom being the perfect room to achieve this. In this usually smaller space, your senses can be calmed or activated. Creating the right balance for our senses makes us feel safe and comfortable. And that’s exactly what a bathroom is for. Unwind, relax, take time for yourself.

Whereas one person thrives on a slow-start, another wants to start the day energetically. How nice then to be able to play with lighting, sound and scent in your bathroom. Based on a well-designed layout with the right shapes and materials.

Now imagine the bathroom of a luxury hotel: soft, large towels, fragrant toiletries in the most beautiful bottles, a long designer sink, wall-mounted faucets and, as a showpiece, a free-standing egg bath. Calm, warm colors and rich materials. This bathroom is what you want at home!

At Not Only White, we think it’s important that our products can be effortlessly applied both at home and in a hotel. To achieve this, our sinks and baths are reduced to the essentials, with an eye for sophistication and warmth. Available in standard models or as customization so it always fits. The perfect hotel feeling, but then every day just at home you create with Not Only White.

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