The ideal door is not a door

The ideal door is not a door

The slogan “The ideal door is not a door” has expressed for many years the unique position held by the Belgian brand ANYWAY doors.

That famous one-liner refers to their designs, which seamlessly fit into minimalist architecture with the credo “less is more. This called for a “new” door: functionally present, merging into the design, yet also part of the sight and lines of the architecture. That approach is characteristic of the company. With creative designs combined with innovative technologies (mostly invisible), the brand is often the first to respond to trends and market movements. It thus offers building owners and architects tailor-made solutions that add value to their projects.

The latest innovation is the imposing “room dividers,” for which the brand developed a compact pivot hinge with no recessed parts in the floor or ceiling. This is because the pivot hinge is built in within the door and is attached on top of the finished floor. The minimal fastening with two screws 4.5 centimeters long poses no problem with classic floor heating. The hinge system is equipped with a mechanical comfort lock and an automatic 90° positioning to station the door in the open position. The pivot position can be provided eccentrically or centrally depending on the situation. The company has already received a dozen international awards for this, the eye-catchers including a 2015 Reddot Product Design Award and a 2017 iF Design Award.

The brand focuses on doors with minimalist frames. A door is part of the wall, into which it should usually blend as unobtrusively as possible. Additions such as surface-mounted hardware or classic door moldings prefer to be avoided. All doors can be made from floor to ceiling, up to 3 meters high. This can be done without any risk of distortion, since the doors do not contain wood or other potential culprits.

a living room filled with furniture and a large window

Anyway doors close by means of a patented locking technology, which is incorporated both on the door and in the minimalist frame. A plastic profile on the door leaf forms the male (convex) part, the plastic stop in the door frame forms the female (concave) part. Each Anyway door, regardless of size, is adjustable to open 90°, 180° or even 360° degrees. Even with 180° and 360° folding room dividers, this guarantees perfect closure and positioning.

About ANYWAY Doors
ANYWAY doors, founded in 1995, is a Belgian brand that today has become a reference in the door sector – both in terms of design and technology. Its many product innovations are protected through various patents and trademark filings in the European Union, the United States and Russia. From the modern company building near Antwerp, a team of 35 people takes care of all activities: from design and product engineering over custom production and quality control to marketing and service. The ultimate goal is invariably a “door you experience as no door. Thus, ANYWAY doors is constantly looking for innovative ideas to improve a door. The results are unique door concepts that

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