The most beautiful combinations in a bronze bathroom

The most beautiful combinations in a bronze bathroom

The color bronze is seen within different styles these days. From the classic style, to the industrial style but also in the Scandinavian style you will see bronze details. The color bronze is a warm color that exudes a certain quality and luxury. Bronze gives a unique look, somewhat less shiny than gold, that adds warmth to a room. Bronze forms a neutral base color that you can easily combine with, so also in the bathroom.

The perfect match for bronze
One of the perfect matches for bronze is natural wood. A beautiful wooden floor or furniture stylishly match the bronze. It gives peace of mind and creates a minimalist and clean look. But marble is also a material with a sense of a modern and timeless atmosphere in the bathroom. Consider tiles for both floor and wall. Marble comes in different types, beautiful colors and sizes. Look at the “veins” here there is a lot of variation; from black and natural to bronze.

The chic feeling with black
The colors black and bronze are both timeless and together create an intimate atmosphere. Especially if you add beautiful mood lighting. Black also adds a cool and industrial touch. On the right, the bronze stands out, with the black providing a nice basic background. Keep in mind that black in the bathroom gives a dark effect. So look carefully at the light and make sure the whole thing is not too dark.

Bright fresh colors provide balance
When incorporating bronze in your bathroom, you need to ensure the right balance. You can choose a combination with pastel shades. Consider light blue, mint green or pink as a fresh counterpart to bronze. It gives your bathroom a completely unique and warm look. These colors create a calming effect and give a nice balance, the bronze adds warmth to the tiles. Choose a color that gives you peace, which is just what you need in the bathroom; a space to recharge.

Natural look with green plants
You can bring the color green together with bronze in your bathroom through tiles. But you can also go for plants. Choose real plants, or let nature come back in a different way. Animal prints, jungle prints or a beautiful framed leaf. The green of the plants are not only a beautiful match with bronze, but also provide relaxation and in some cases even a nice smell, so ideal for the bathroom. Do check which plants are suitable for being in a humid and somewhat dark space such as the bathroom. For example, curly fern, aloe vera and kangaroo fern do well in these conditions.

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