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The most beautiful Mediterranean Natural Stones can be found in Vaassen!

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It has been just 1 year since The Flagstone Company moved into the beautiful, remodeled building at number 14 Aalbosweg. Every week it is a coming and going of many people curious about the many Natural Stones. And on Saturdays, there will even be cake served and live pizza baked by Lotte. An incredible transformation has taken place. The property has gone down with gas from a whopping 36000 m3 to 8000 m3 per year. In the process, the A label was also obtained.


The Flagstone Company is one of a kind. About 20 people help in the business. So if you are looking for idyllic, characterful, Mediterranean stones, come visit us. It's really huge; what a great assortment. There is also a cozy café where you can have a delicious cappuccino or tea.

Mediterranean Stones

Whether it's Flagstones (shards of broken natural stones) in a variety of colors or Stone Strips, you've come to the right place at The Flagstone Company. We have been specializing in these products since 2004. A little later, Geopietra Stone Strips, Brick Strips, Natural Stone Strips, Rocks and Boulders were added. Say anything that is not straight and has 3d effect. Wall cladding, such as Geopietra, is even suitable for cladding on facade insulation. And with that, we are taking a big step forward. Especially also on the topic of sustainability which currently plays an essential role in construction.

Modern or Rustic?

Many people still think that 3d Natural stones in the form of rocks, is rustic. But that is certainly not true. Whether you just want that cozy "En-Pierre" wall, like in France. Or the wall stones you can find loose in Ibiza. A turnaround is underway. That is, precisely people who build cubist villas are looking for contrasts.

This can be done, for example, by looking for this in color contrasts. But especially consider material contrasts or 3d contrasts. Natural stones really make it exciting. In short with cubist villas, we see this more and more often.


The finishing touch is always in the finishing touches. So too with the Natural Stone Wall. It is a craft, or instinct how best to install the Stone Strips. In short: there must be a feeling for the stone. But also for the color and finish of the grout. 50 percent of the appearance of the wall is determined by the Stone, the other 50 percent by the setter, the color of grout and the finish of the grout. If these points are well considered and the typesetting is successful, then there is only one more important factor: the lighting - illumination of the Natural Stone wall.

Largest and most beautiful showroom

With 5600 m2 of area and unique walls as well as assortment, we can only say one more thing:
"Get in the car and come to Vaassen." This is pure experience!

Of course, it is also possible to request The Flagstone Magazine free of charge. To do so, send your address to info@flagstones.nl quoting Flagstone Magazine.

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