The possibilities of steel doors

The possibilities of steel doors

Steel doors are impossible to imagine an interior these days. But did you know that so much more is possible than black steel doors? De Rooy Metaaldesign designs, manufactures and assembles steel doors of many shapes and sizes. They recently added a new type of steel doors to their collection: steel doors with a patinated gold layer.

Unique and stylish
The gold coated steel doors are an eye-catcher in any room. They guarantee a bold and radiant interior. Unique to these steel doors from De Rooy is their extremely strong and durable finish. In fact, the gold layer is patinated. This cannot be compared to just a powder-coated gold color. The patinated bronze layer makes the doors authentic, characterful and vibrant. The ingredients for a stylish interior!

Steel doors in the showroom
Want to see the steel doors for yourself? They can be admired in De Rooy’s exclusive showroom. The beautiful “Mallet” tessellation was chosen for the doors in their showroom. This tessellation is named after the French architect Mallet-Stevens, known for such works as the villa Cavrois. The handle was designed by Osiris Hertman.

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