The power of simplicity

The power of simplicity

‘Simplicity is not the mark of the beginner. It is the dearly fought stamp of the master’ (Godfrey Bomans).

Form & Function
Your steel doors are a product of a wonderful artisanal process. A timeless investment that provide an eye-catching and stylish interior. In addition to the classic Paumelle hinges, steel doors are made with various special locking systems such as pivot doors, sliding doors and harmonica doors, with their specific advantages: pivot doors always open in your walking direction, sliding doors require less space in use and the fluid movement when opening harmonica doors is an experience in itself.

Minimalist design
Do you like minimalism? Our task is to make the doors as slim as possible. The minimalist lines of the steel doors and windows maximize light. In terms of compartmentalization, we also go for “less is more. With a low plane below and a high plane above, you emphasize height. Many interior design professionals are currently opting for this effect. Doors all the way to the ceiling and a compartmentalization that emphasizes height.

Distinguished simplicity
Details make all the difference. Do we install a blind handle on your door? This does not disturb the lines and is still comfortable to use. With ‘Steel Ribbon’ or ‘Steel Strap’ we create a super slim glass frame. Thus, the design remains sleek, luxurious and exclusive in its simplicity.

Tough and elegant
Tough and elegant seem to be opposites, but the very combination gives character. We continuously experiment in design and manufacturing. The result? Steel doors of the slimmest profiles ensuring robust quality.

What’s on display in the showroom?
What to expect. Is a showroom visit worthwhile? First, take a virtual look through this link. With a few clicks you are in the middle of the showroom full of steel doors. The YouTube version is compatible with VR glasses. Also, look up frequently. In the steel workshop, you can then see the beautiful steel trusses. In the consulting room (near the bird of paradise wallpaper), above your head the steel skylight is easy to see.

Within what time period can we deliver?
We have everything you need. We can deliver within eight to 10 weeks.

Good ideas can always be better
Of course, you have an idea of your own before you knock on our door. All input is valuable, yet we like to discuss all considerations. Often that leads to a better plan. Let’s agree. You can easily make an appointment through the online calendar.

Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel B.V.

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