The power of SunSquare

The power of SunSquare

SunSquare® celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020, a great milestone and to think that many people think it is something new on the market. They are all automated custom sun and rain protection systems of the highest quality. There is a choice of fabric qualities and the supports are mostly polished 316 stainless steel but can also be color coated. The motor and controls are from Somfy.

At SunSquare®, the strength is in the versatility and quality of the product. In terms of appearance, the system adapts like a chameleon, giving a sleek designer home just that extra tasteful touch to bring the property to “life” while not affecting, but rather enhancing classic architecture as a whole. In addition to its fantastic appearance, SunSquare® gives you the feeling of luxury and protection from outside influences. And with a heat lamp underneath, it will soon be enjoyable this spring.

SunSquare® is custom-made and can be installed either freestanding or mounted to the building, according to your needs and situation . Security through the wind sensor as the service of MSK SunSquare® provides security. The area it can cover is huge but the atmosphere it creates is cozy and gives a protected and pleasant feeling. Even if the weather is a bit off….

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