The ‘powerful’ craftsmanship of Tuuci parasols

The ‘powerful’ craftsmanship of Tuuci parasols

On an always packed Place in The Hague, the terrace of restaurant Jamey Bennett is an eye-catcher. It has a warm and cozy feel, according to co-owner Melvin van der Meer mainly thanks to the Tuuci parasols. “Those provide just a little more experience.”

Melvin van der Meer knows his Place. He is enthusiastic about what he calls “really one of the nicest squares in The Hague” on which his restaurant is located. Place is in a “somewhat upscale” shopping area and has a few quaint old buildings on its edges. You not only overlook the Hofvijver and the Binnenhof but can also see the entire skyline of The Hague. “It’s actually always full in the square with slightly older audiences. It feels warm, intimate. Kind of like a resting point in the city.”

Jamey Bennett, the restaurant he and associate Michael Tilkema have owned for three years now, holds a special place there. With 170 seats inside and out, it is unquestionably large but feels glowing and cozy. Van der Meer describes the interior as “London classic”: lots of warm browns and grays, a wooden bar, a wooden wall in the middle, robust lighting and many different types of chairs. “You sit with a lot of people in our space but as a guest you don’t have that feeling because we’ve created a lot of luxurious and warm nooks and crannies.”

Jamey Bennett’s terrace in particular is an eye-catcher, according to Van der Meer. “It looks especially neat. We invested a lot of money in that.” There are many hardwood planters with dune grass and olive trees with lights in them. And the only one on the Place, they have five large umbrellas from Tuuci – which can be linked together and with heaters – and a sixth will soon be added. “At Tuuci, we immediately saw the craftsmanship in the showroom,” Van der Meer said. “We wanted parasols with white cloth and an old-fashioned wood look that radiated power at the same time. That creates just a little more perception. Few companies can deliver that look.” He especially likes the “closeness” of Tuuci. “We have a lot of personal contact with them. Their service is good and on-site as much as possible. All parts are available separately so if something is broken it’s easy to reorder. And if there is something they always find a solution.”

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