The sense and nonsense of making an interior design plan

The sense and nonsense of making an interior design plan

“The sense and nonsense? Why do I, as an interior designer, talk about the nonsense of making an interior design plan at all?”

Well the thing is, what I see very often is that an interior is purchased all at once. The old stuff out, the latest hippest furniture in. The wows and oehs and aahhs can be heard everywhere. Just look at the housing programs where the most beautiful completions come by. But then you’re in your new home; with your new interior….

A trendy or a personal interior
Let me put it another way, what is a pleasant home for me; which interiors make my heart beat faster? I see a huge number of interiors coming by. For days on end, I can be found on Pinterest. I enjoy being able to do that for my job. But really being touched, being completely upside down by something I saw? That happens sometimes … but very occasionally. I have seen the latest trends then, they pass by on the screen and in the magazines from time to time. But what really blows my mind is an authentic and really very personal interior.

And no, someone else can’t make that for you in a heartbeat. I can’t think of that for you right now either. There is a whole process preceding that. Of much deliberation, gauging opinions, matching tastes and trying.

Interior psychologist
I also sometimes call myself a psychologist. Of course I am not at all, but I do try to really understand you. I’m trying to find what really gets you fired up. How you want to live. And often, this may sound a little crazy, you yourself don’t know this yet. You can’t quite put your finger on it yet because you don’t know it exists. After all, you only know what you are familiar with. It’s my job to figure out how architecture can best express your lifestyle. After all, how you live is essential to how you live, how you move through your home and what you emphasize in life. This is different for everyone and every family.

Ok, I digress. Back to the sense or nonsense of making an interior design plan.

A good interior takes time
I believe that an interior created organically over time is more personal than ready-made put together. Having a plan is not a brief moment of walking into a home furnishing store to put together a complete interior but an organic process.

Just a new house or remodel does not arise organically. This is inevitably a sudden change. It’s nice then if a lighting plan and the room layout of your home have already been well thought out. Some choices are simply better made up front and cannot easily be added later.

An interior designer who asks further
My tip, sit down with an interior designer you trust for a short- and long-term plan. Someone who also asks about the soft values in your life. Make sure you understand each other. The relationship with someone who is going to change something as drastic as your interior may be more than purely supplier of services. Engage in the search together and probably things will surface that you would never have thought of yourself, but that actually fit you and your household very well.

Interior master plan
Make a master plan in which precisely grandma’s antique furniture fits. A plan for the fixed elements such as space, light points and windows. But also a plan for the flexible elements that you slowly accumulate. For example, a new sofa; or just a used one.

That’s what makes a home personal. A home where you can be your authentic self. An interior that lasts a long time because you never get tired of it. Because it grows more and more towards you. Like a leather jacket that is increasingly fine. Patina in essence.

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