The strength of Schellevis tiles

The strength of Schellevis tiles

Gardening company Guy wolfs is a skilled party with a lot of in-house knowledge. With over 40 years of experience, they know exactly how to handle different products. Within the organization, each has his or her own expertise. That is, they employ a carpenter, electrician, statesman, draftsman and landscapers. This allows them to offer the customer a complete package.

Mathijs Wolfs, owner of the company, will take you through his experience with the Schellevis product. “The beauty of Schellevis is that it has an incredibly broad package. You can puzzle and build with it. Thus, making planters, floating stairs or swimming pools is not a problem, all can be done. Besides the standard 5 cm thick tiles, Schellevis also offers the possibility to go for a 7 to even 12 cm thick tiles, this is an advantage to the Schellevis product.

Inspired by nature, specially selected raw materials and manufacturing processes give the tiles their specific color and character. “The Schellevis tiles have a natural look and blend into the garden in simplicity. Schellevis brings tranquility to the garden.”

“We think it’s a wonderful product, the customer always has to be taken along in the Schellevis story. This is because the joints are not dead straight, it is alive and therefore you do not get a large surface which is the case with other products.”

It is easy to see in the projects of landscaping company Guy Wolfs that they like to play with large format tiles. They line the garden using Schellevis products and continue it in pools or hedges.

Large format Schellevis tiles can only be laid professionally, this also shows the skill of the landscaper. It is craftsmanship that not everyone dares or can handle, for the men of landscaping company Guy Wolfs this is not a problem.

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