The synergism of Dexter Interiors

The synergism of Dexter Interiors

Designing interiors with the basic knowledge of an interior designer. This is an added value that Benjamin Berkhout offers his clients. Dexter Interior’s chief designer was originally trained as a yacht builder. In yacht building, production is custom made. The focus is on exceptionally high quality and service is extremely important.

From those performance requirements and work ethic, Benjamin founded Dexter Interiors 15 years ago. The entrepreneur has not been in the workshop for more than five years. Nevertheless, he knows the machining and finishing techniques of his materials and employs this knowledge during his design processes. “While designing interiors, I consciously, sometimes unconsciously, draw on my experiences as an interior designer. I know the production process,” Benjamin says.

Benefits of controlling sequential process links
His experience in interior design offers more advantages during the design phases of large-scale interior projects. Benjamin: “A designer’s job is to present a well thought out and tailored interior design to his clients. I want to give my clients an enjoyable living experience for many years. Having worked in manufacturing and assembly for over a decade, I know the properties of numerous wood and stone species. During the design phase, I discuss with clients the properties of proposed materials. These include durability, scratch sensitivity, stain resistance and, for example, acoustics. In the design studio, I work with my clients to decide which properties are decisive for them.”

Under its roof, Dexter Interior distinguishes between its interior design branch and its design firm. These are two process links of a construction process. The two disciplines exchange knowledge through short lines of communication. “When designing total projects, Dexter Interiors oversees the entire process from design to completion of an interior. The average turnaround time for a major interior design project is six months. Dexter Interieur accompanies its customers with a high degree of commitment and makes project planning its focus. The entire realization process is a period of collaboration in which a great deal of communication takes place: repeatedly sitting around the table, making choices, fine-tuning, taking decisions and fine-tuning. This is an ongoing process with the aim of reducing the margin of error to zero. I want Dexter Interieur to be an extremely reliable design and interior construction company. For me, the icing on the cake is when clients have experienced the complete realization process beyond expectations,” Benjamin said.

Dexter Interiors offers complete services
In Dexter Interior’s designs, aesthetics are the main focus. Interiors should be elegant and balanced at all times. Surprising combinations in terms of materials, textures and colors customers can expect when presented with a design. Assignments consist mainly of private projects. Total projects are regularly provided with styling and decoration including lighting, flooring, window and wall coverings in collaboration with a strong network of professional partners.

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