The TASJA Touch

The TASJA Touch

”I love all kinds of different colors and styles, but one of my favorite styles is also all white with clean details and accessories with a gold touch. For example, I recently designed this beautiful design. ”

The Warmth of White
Throughout this design, white has been used as a soft, light base color, ensuring that the space is timeless, yet very trendy at the same time. People often find it difficult to use a lot of white in their interiors, while white can add a lot of glamour to the home and also create warmth. The Tasja Touch is not complete without gold accessories, wooden details and the use of all kinds of rich and luxurious materials. This combination ensures that the room exudes homeliness and becomes a wonderful place to retreat to. In my designs, I always consider the incorporation of artwork important. Thus, the TASJA LAP wall art above the sofa creates depth and texture in the interior. The use of lots of white makes it a wonderful open space with lots of light and also makes it feel bigger.

Optimal layout of your space
When designing, I find it important to make the best use of the space available to me. I often see opportunities in spaces, which someone else may not see so quickly, but which can still make a big difference. For example, I often incorporate closet space into a wall, place cribs on an elevation, or place furniture in a different way that makes the space suddenly feel larger. Think different!

The TASJA Touch
And now you’re probably wondering, what then is THE TASJA Touch? I always find it incredibly important to add personality to an interior and always like to listen and think along with the client. In this way, the client’s wishes are best realized. Similarly, I am working on my TASJA LAP collection with wall art and baby accessories. Furthermore, I love warmth immensely, I always add elegance & coziness is central to all my designs. AND often with a golden edge!

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