The versatile Focus Outdoor collection

The versatile Focus Outdoor collection

Getting back to the essence is what we long for. A beautiful evening around a crackling fireplace. Cozy moments with which we make fond memories. Focus design touches you and creates an unforgettable experience.

Soirée BUBBLE®!

  • The latest addition to the Focus outdoor range is the BUBBLE®. A wood-burning fire basket that immediately won over the general public and also the design world. Rewarded with the coveted gold German Design Award 2022.
  • In Iceland, the land of fire and ice, it is a huge success. The name refers to champagne bubbles. A great concept for organizing evenings and meeting each other.
  • BUBBLE® with its organic design brings peace and comfort, which we love to experience. Its limited size and maneuverability make it an undisputed model for terraces and gardens.
  • Made in France in Focus’ unique factory. Handcrafted by artisans with exceptional welding and polishing skills. With the same high quality standards as the entire Focus range.

BUBBLE® is a designer fireplace that runs on wood. With a diameter of 70 cm and two wheels underneath, the fire basket can be easily moved on a flat surface and turns its back to the wind with ease to protect its flames. The removable tub makes it easy to clean. Quality steel and anti-corrosion coating protect the design and make the fireplace suitable for any outdoor environment.

Outdoor fireplaces… Real stars!
When we talk about outdoors, we don’t usually think of outdoor fireplaces. Yet the design brand Focus has launched a unique outdoor range with 6 iconic models specially treated for outdoor use: Gyrofocus, Ergofocus, Domofocus, Bathyscafocus, Emifocus and Paxfocus.

What is special about Focus outdoor is that most models are multiple award winners in design competitions and have even earned artwork status, exhibited in international museums.

  • Of these 6 models, the Gyrofocus, for example, is a true international design icon. It is taught in architecture schools, was voted the “most beautiful object in the world” among 100 participants at the international Pulchra competition in Italy in 2009, and was even exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 1998.
  • Ergofocus’s sleek appearance earned it an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm.

This is enough to satisfy aesthetes’ desire for works of art that are both artistic and functional. And to spur plans for expansion or redesign of outdoor space.

The outdoor models are available in black or rust finishes. Rust is a living material that evolves over time and takes on the appearance of old leather or patinated bronze.

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