These are the best materials for a luxury outdoor kitchen

These are the best materials for a luxury outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens come in many shapes and sizes. From standard barbecues to complete, custom outdoor kitchens. Here you have many types of materials to choose from. From tough stainless steel to wood, concrete and ceramic. But which materials are really the best materials for enjoying the outdoors for a long time? In this blog, we explain.

The standard materials
Looking at the more standard outdoor kitchens, we see a lot of wood with steel components. These materials are easy to process and therefore very interesting price-wise. Many of these outdoor kitchens are on wheels, which is important. This allows you to wheel the outdoor kitchen inside in bad weather. Indeed, certainly wood is very sensitive to weather conditions and therefore will warp or discolor quickly when placed outdoors. So not ideal for an outdoor kitchen.

Choose luxury materials
At COOXS, we have deliberately chosen the best materials with high-quality workmanship. Thus, the cabinets are made of solid aluminum with a beautiful powder coating in a color of your choice. Aluminum is highly resistant to all weather conditions, even if something happens to the coating, it cannot rust.

For countertops, we use the high-quality ceramic of Dekton. This beautiful material comes in a variety of colors and is great for outdoor use. Thus, it cannot discolor and is not susceptible to green deposits.

If you choose a luxury outdoor kitchen made of high-quality materials, you are guaranteed to enjoy the outdoors for years to come. And did you know that you don’t even need to cover a COOXS outdoor kitchen with a cover? This also makes it a beautiful design object to enjoy from home in winter.

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