Tinello, kitchen and interior of the highest level

Tinello, kitchen and interior of the highest level

The feel of wood, a truly natural product, is and always will be special. Hence, a kitchen with wood remains unchanged in popularity. Wood represents longevity, and thanks to its warm character, kitchens made of wood will be a timeless focal point in any decor, regardless of style preference. At Tinello we work with top quality oak, both in solid and thick veneer. The wooden kitchen can be found in our showroom in oak, olive, walnut and mahogany. And did you know that we customize and design all wooden kitchens to your personal taste?

We can tailor a kitchen made of wood entirely to your personal needs and to the atmosphere you feel at home in, such as rural, modern or nostalgic. The combination of a kitchen with wood and concrete is very popular these days and gives the interior a tough look. Perfect for when your preference is industrial decor! The finish of any kitchen made of wood is of a very high standard. Cabinets, doors and drawers can be hand-painted in any color. Buying a wooden kitchen requires expert advice and a good explanation of the options.

Luxury kitchen with modern furniture

A wooden kitchen is custom-made to the millimeter by Tinello’s craftsmen. For example, all custom wood kitchens allow a seamless fit with your current interior. This allows the entire space to be used as functionally as possible. All joints are made using traditional methods and the kitchen’s solid wood drawers are assembled using traditional methods. Wood is a natural material, after all, in nature the trees also face extreme weather conditions, so it can certainly take a beating! So kitchens made of wood last for decades. Add to that the timeless look, and you know you’ll be fine for years to come when you buy a wood kitchen!

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