Track spots are at home everywhere

Track spots are at home everywhere

Accentuating a work of art in a canal house. Creating a cozy reading corner in a mansion. Or emphasize architectural features in a new villa: track spots are at home everywhere. The flexible properties and modern design also fit seamlessly with various interior styles. This way they really come into their own in both historic and new buildings. It is logical that track lighting is becoming increasingly popular.

Timeless yet trendy
Today’s lighting is more flexible than ever. Looking for gold accents? You can easily adjust the reflector color of Karizma Luce’s Dea Juno. Are you going for a fixture with even more attention to sustainability, such as Caro or Tesoro? Then you are assured of a sleek, timeless look. But the trendy round shapes of Dea Eros will also not get boring quickly. Easy to move and quick to restyle: that is the success of track spots.

Track spots, like the spherical 220V Dea Eros, always match with the other surface-mounted and recessed spots from Karizma Luce, such as the square Dea Fauna and the recessed spot Dea Dion in this project.

Track spots as a solution
Track lighting from Karizma Luce is used in catering establishments worldwide. Often strategically placed above tables, bars or works of art where they create an inviting atmosphere. High and sloping ceilings are not an issue for tracks, nor is a changing layout. Restaurants also make grateful use of the different lighting scenes during the day. From bright and energetic during lunch to warm and intimate during the evening dinner.

When you live in Amsterdam, it’s sometimes wonderful to withdraw yourself from the hustle and bustle. Track spots from Karizma Luce provide the soothing lighting in this beautiful luxury home in the city center.

How do you find the perfect track spot?
From a compact spotlight to a striking pendant; With the 48V and 220V collections from Karizma Luce you are assured of atmospheric lighting for every room. Together we give character to all the places where people live, work and enjoy: that gives us unprecedented energy at Karizma Luce. Also inspired by or interested in the refined lighting of Karizma Luce? You are welcome: follow us on social media or contact us for the possibilities and/or partners of Karizma Luce in your area!

Led’s delight!

Credits photo’s 2,3,4
Photography: Bianca Wesselius – Way2Style

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