Tree planting: for every gas outdoor fireplace purchased, up to 500 trees are planted

Tree planting: for every gas outdoor fireplace purchased, up to 500 trees are planted

Rivelin makes the world’s most desirable outdoor gas fireplaces. More than 20 models in 2 collections which are fully assembled and built according to customer requirements.

All our fireplaces are handcrafted in Sheffield by skilled artisans; made of stainless steel and fitted with granite or DEKTON ceramic tops. We also design, build and test our own gas burners according to the latest CE standards. Each Rivelin outdoor fireplace comes fully assembled, guaranteeing quick and easy on-site installation. With over 3,000 different choice/combination options, we can assure you, we have the right gas outdoor fireplace for every project.

Outdoor gas fireplaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in any garden and patio. Gas fireplaces burn cleanly, are easy to control and produce significantly less emission particles than wood-burning fireplaces. And unlike wood-burning fireplaces they can be used anywhere; in inner cities, apartment buildings etc.

Recognizing that we must all play our part in combating the effects of climate change, Rivelin has partnered with For every gas fireplace we sell starting Feb. 1, 2020, a donation will be made to fund tree planting.

Rivelin donates up to £40 per outdoor fireplace purchased, the donation level depends on the kW rating of the gas burner. Each donation will fund the planting and management of up to 500 trees at one of the 82 Eden Project sites. Once mature, these trees can each sequester between 66 and 100 kg of CO2 per year. (Source:,

See the table below for the carbon offset of these donations.

Burner Capacity/kWDonation per hearthTrees being planted (st)Average amount of CO2 offset (kg) when using 4 hours/night (bottled gas)Average amount of CO2 offset (kg) when using 4 hours/night (natural gas)
12£2080 to 250 (1)232 – 727 (2)275 – 862 (2)
18£30120 to 375 (1)232 – 727 (2)275 – 862 (2)
22£36144 to 450 (1)228 – 714 (2)271 – 846(2)
24£40160 to 500 (1)232 – 727 (2)276 – 862 (2)

– The price of a tree planted with Eden projects can range from about 8p/tree to 25p/tree, depending on where in the world the trees are planted.
– Based on that each tree sequesters up to 66kg of CO2 per year.(

Even if the planted trees do not sequester 66kg per tree per year, the amount of CO2 absorbed by the planted trees will far exceed the amount of CO2 released by the outdoor fireplaces.

To our knowledge, Rivelin is the first manufacturer of gas outdoor fireplaces to make such an ambitious pledge to plant trees. For a full explanation of the Rivelin reforestation policy and the amount of CO2 absorbed by planting these trees, visit

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