Trends 2022

Trends 2022

Do you enjoy looking ahead? Here’s what we expect for the coming year.

White steel doors
More and more people will choose white steel doors. The matte anthracite Brooklyn Black is timeless. Steel doors were black a hundred years ago, and when we are a century away that anthracite black will still be characteristic. But that is precisely why some people want white steel doors. White is bright and light. The color represents perfection. A good choice for interior steel doors. The slim steel lines and large areas of glass are designed to let in as much natural light as possible. If you choose white instead of black, you are going for even more light in your home. And by doing it differently, you give the space your own identity. Note that white steel doors look best when the entire room including the floor, looks bright, fresh and light.

Brass doors
An aged brass door is the absolute best, the jewel of our product range. A steel profile is sprayed with paint after processing (sawing, welding, grinding and sanding). With that, the finish is even. A door made of brass is not sprayed. Thus, processing should not leave “scars” on the surface. This takes a lot of time and attention. But the result is dazzling. After aging, you can enjoy brass doors with a beautiful flamed patina.

Compartments with round shapes
In terms of design and compartmentalization, we still think a lot in straight compartments. We regularly explain the effect you achieve with the different subject divisions. Do you want to emphasize height or width? Are you looking for transparency or want optical closure? The trend is now moving toward round and organic shapes. Circles or parts of them are incorporated into the steel doors. If you find this step too big, we round some corners. Consider, for example, a rounded handle that immediately makes the compartment a little “softer.

Working from home & Security
We have recently learned that working from home is effective and practical. With traffic jams becoming more frequent again, working partly from home will have greater appeal. With a facade of steel and glass, you create a pleasant workspace for yourself. You can work productively in defined periods. Nice and flexible. Personal safety will also become increasingly important to many. Various fire and burglary resistant techniques and materials can be combined to create a high-security environment for you.

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Naftali Leidelmeijer, Exclusive Steel

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