Trendwood canopy composition

Trendwood canopy composition

At our Garden Inspiration Center, you can put together your own outdoor living space entirely to your taste. In a few clicks, you can see all your wishes come to life in a 3D design. In doing so, you can immediately see what the cost will be to realize your dream canopy. A modification is also a snap; you can immediately see the changes in the 3D model and make the right decision on certain choices.

With the Trendhoutapp we can put together a canopy together with no obligation and see what is possible with the wishes and available budget.

a house with trees in the background

The endless possibilities
What choices should you think about when choosing a suitable canopy? You first choose what type of canopy is desired. An addition, a flat-roofed, gable-roofed or roofed shed. Then you will look at which model suits the atmosphere of the garden. This is purely about the desired look. Everything can still be adjusted. In addition, it is important to know what kind of overhang you want whether braces may be used and what dimensions are desired.

Then a choice is made as to what functions the canopy should provide. For example, should there be storage space? Do you want space for a dining table or just a lounge area. Dimensions are based on this. So these are chosen after choosing the model.

Once the dimensions are determined, the canopy can be constructed. Then come many choices: colors, walls, should the canopy be open or completely closed, doors or just with glass etc. It is important to think about this carefully before making a decision. Should the budget be too low for your needs, you can choose to install the walls (partially) later. For example, it is possible to add a sliding glass wall to the canopy years later.

Of course we are here to advise and help you make choices!

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Fully closed canopy
Surely an extension of the home is really an outdoor living area. How nice is it to be able to sit in the garden with all the greenery around you? Being outside is very healthy and it also makes you more energetic and happy.

When you can use the canopy year-round, it is of course ideal. This way you get everything out of your garden that you can fully enjoy all year round.

Light can be reduced when you close the canopy. Lots of glass in the walls and/or a skylight in the roof will ensure that you create a light and spacious outdoor living area.

Outdoor Kitchen
Complete your outdoor living space with an outdoor kitchen. Enjoying long summers with family and friends, there is nothing better than that! This allows you to stay outside and you don’t have to worry about your guests running out of anything.

a house with trees in the background

We can offer a quote immediately after the meeting that includes step by step what we discussed and is in the 3D model. Included in the quote are images of what the outdoor living area will look like. This way, together we won’t overlook anything and will make sure you can start enjoying your outdoor living space in no time!

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