Tuschinski named most beautiful cinema in the world!

Tuschinski named most beautiful cinema in the world!

We all know the cinema from the big premieres and the red carpet. Maybe you’ve even been there. Then you should consider yourself very lucky because the prestigious British magazine ‘ Time Out ‘, in collaboration with various editors and art experts, rated 50 cinemas and voted Tuschinski number one in the world. And CS rugs is quite a bit proud of that! Why you may be thinking? But what not many people know is that Tuschinski’s foyer has been fitted with a new art deco carpet under the full supervision of CS rugs.

What preceded…
No drawings, no color numbers, nothing was left about the carpet that was there in the foyer. But the new carpet had to be exactly the same! What followed was a very precise and lengthy process on the color determination and the design itself, -with the specific eagle-. This all had to follow the strict guidelines of historic preservation. Using precise photography, the design was digitally created with mvds textile design for reproduction.

Two weeks before the new carpet was to go in, the old carpet was cut into 34 pieces and these unique art pieces were auctioned off. The proceeds, – €11,000 euros- were donated to the Anne Frank Foundation.

Delivery at night
The new carpet measuring 13 x 15 meters and more than 1,000 kg (!) was delivered on January 13, 2012 by a mega large crane truck. This all had to be done in the dead of night because otherwise the big truck would block streetcar traffic. Heavy boys from the Amsterdam rowing club Skøll, with combined efforts, got the carpet in place: a mega achievement.

Dream Palace
The jury described the cinema as a “never-ago dream palace,” with its elegant blend of art deco and art nouveau with sleek modernist touches. CS rugs fully agrees with that!

With the knowledge that catching a movie at Pathé Tuschinski is now doubly special, you have an original gift to give your friends or associates: a gift card for an evening at the most beautiful cinema in the world.

Bucket list
A visit to Tuschinski is now also not to be missed on your own bucket list and is one that is within reach. At the right staircase in the foyer, take a good look at the ground, then you’ll see our name printed in orange in the carpet and you’ll also get to the top safely;)

Enjoy the movie and the magic of Tuschinski with its warm, colorful foyer and a touch of CS rugs!

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