TUUCI introduces: the Equinox Cabana with ‘Automated Louvered Roof’

TUUCI introduces: the Equinox Cabana with ‘Automated Louvered Roof’

An innovation in sun protection: TUUCI presents a new version of the EQUINOX CABANA, namely the one with an Automated Louvered Roof (ALR). The new patent-pending ALR system combines intelligent design with elegance for optimum outdoor comfort.

The new Equinox Cabana with Automated Louvered Roof provides maximum protection at all times of the day and in all weather conditions, while creating a luxurious and comfortable outdoor space. Intense sun rays can be filtered or completely shielded by the slats that have a range of 135°. Rainwater is drained directly to the ground via an integrated gutter system.

In addition, the automated control unit includes an advanced wind and rain sensor that detects ambient conditions and opens or closes the slats as required – fully automatic and responsive to the user’s needs. The ALR system can also be operated via a touchpad.

The slats are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and marine-grade stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting and reliable operation. At the same time, they offer a nautical aesthetic that is firmly rooted in TUUCI’s corporate philosophy. The slats can be finished in TUUCI’s exclusive Aluma-TEAK™ finishes or weather-resistant powder-coat colors.

Additional options for the Equinox Cabana include integrated heating, LED lighting, USB points and several configurations regarding the seating area.

Photography: TUUCI

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