Ultimate luxury and relaxation

Ultimate luxury and relaxation

Increasingly, wellness rituals are being applied in the private bathroom or a separate room is being converted into a customized wellness center. Escape the daily routine and completely unwind in your own spa!

Spa elements
By applying some spa elements, you can create a true relaxation space, regardless of the size of the bathroom. Think, for example, of side showers, which simulate a massaging effect, a waterfall element for your neck or a spa built-in overhead shower from Dornbracht, which hugs you with 35 liters of water per minute.

Is it an existing bathroom and you want to give the space an upgrade in a simple way? Then the surface-mounted Sunshower offers a solution. The Sunshower is used in the shower area and provides infrared radiation and/or UV light. With this, the infrared radiation provides heat therapy for back and neck pain and muscle relief. UV light stimulates vitamin D and pigment production and has a positive effect on energy levels. So you start or end your day with a healthy dose of sunlight or relaxing UV light while you shower.

Wellness center
Does the space offer you the opportunity to create a full wellness center? Tortu is pleased to offer you its services and wide spa selection to make your wellness dream come true! For example, furnish your private spa with Effegibi’s soothing steam generators, a vitalizing foot bath from Dornbracht or an elegant, wooden sauna from Cleopatra.

Get inspired in our working Tortu wellness and experience the effect of various spa elements!

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