Unburdening the landscaper

Unburdening the landscaper

What could be better than being able to devote 100% of your time to your passion, which you were also able to make your profession. Many landscapers once started this way, so too have we been able to turn our passion into our dream.

More and more professionals are choosing to collaborate with other parties to ensure professionalism and high quality with each one’s expertise.

Therefore, out of our passion for light, we started supporting the landscaper a few years ago.

What we are hearing is that landscapers are getting more and more assignments from the high to highest segment, clients in this segment require more attention and expectations are very high. Much time is spent discussing and deliberating the design. After the final design is completed the client also expects some lighting in the garden and not a few spotlights on a tree and shrub but they expect much more of lighting.

For the landscaper, this means spending even more time on actually a necessity in the garden but which in many cases is not their expertise.

High-end customers have more and more budget for their dream garden and expect to be able to enjoy this dream garden in the evening after a long day at work, which also immediately means that you have to think carefully about what lighting you use and where to apply it.

Often lighting is seen as a closing item instead of being included in the overall design. If more thought is put into it during the garden design process, more can often be done, making the final product look much better.

Nowadays there are so many types of lighting available so it is understandable that the landscaper loses the overview so the familiar garden lighting is often used. We support the landscaper with advice, targeted lighting designs and unburdening total custom projects. This means that the landscaper is given much more space to devote his or her time to the client and the garden design whereby the client gets an even more beautifully lit garden that takes the experience and atmosphere to a much higher level.

This is what clients expect so this is how we as professionals should approach it.

Shoemaking stick to your last!

Do you consider yourself a professional? If so, call us for a customized lighting consultation.

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Patrick Leendertse LR – Facet Lighting

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