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Unparalleled fire experience with Kalfire’s electric fireplace

Unparalleled fire experience with Kalfire’s electric fireplace

Kalfire produces gas fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces and, since the recent introduction of the Kalfire E-one, electric fireplaces have been added. The Kalfire E-one is a durable high-tech designer fireplace for any interior with a beautiful, ultra-realistic flame picture. Due to the exclusively developed ultra-realistic fire, all the senses are stimulated. Seeing, hearing and feeling come together in an unparalleled fire experience. In addition, the Kalfire E-one offers endless design possibilities by being independent of flues, gas connections and other obstructions. The fireplace can be placed where it will look best. In every building, in every room, in every place.

Unparalleled fire experience
Fire is fire when it is visible, audible and tangible. The E-one is a fireplace with innovative technology that creates an ultra-realistic fire. All the senses are stimulated. The flicker of light, the glowing wood and coal, the floating fire particles and the playfulness of the flames. The sound of crackling wood and the warmth of the proximity of the flames complete the experience. The unique techniques of Kalfire's E-one deliver an optimal ambient experience around the fireplace. In addition, the lifelike logs in the fireplace make the E-one an eye-catcher in any interior, even when the fire is not burning.

Safety and ease of use
The electric fireplace does not emit direct heat, making it safe for humans and animals, even the little ones. The fire is not only safe, but truly accessible to all. Moreover, the fireplace is easy to use: just plug in the power cord to turn the fireplace on and let the fire burn with the push of a button.

Innovation and sustainability
The innovative gas and wood fireplaces Kalfire makes are not for everyone, because some people live in an apartment or house where there is no flue or gas connection. The Kalfire E-one is independent of flues, gas connections and other obstructions. The fireplace can be placed exactly where it will look best, in any location. In doing so, we live in a more sustainable world, where zero emissions is the goal. The electric fireplace thus makes a statement and is in line with these developments.

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