Va’casa costa

Va’casa costa

Vacation (t)house on the coast
From the beginning it was fixed: it should be a white-black combined villa with a thatched roof. A wonderful combination, yes, but not yet necessarily ingredients for a unique villa. And that’s exactly what we want; a villa with its own story.

Vacation spirit
The first theme is: vacation spirit. When asked “What is your favorite place to enjoy yourself?” the answer quickly came: “A beach bar on the coast in France.” “Relaxing on a terrace under a tree with delicious food and a good glass of wine. Since this villa will be realized in The Hague, Vroondaal, the link with the coast was quickly made. Hence the name “Va’casa costa,” “vacation (t)house on the coast.

Your own place
It was our client’s desire to have a place of their own. To achieve this, the garden is fully incorporated into the design. In this, in some places, a yard boundary is conceived as a wall, thus clearly marking the edges of the place. This way you have the same experience both from inside the house, and from the garden. This also makes that vacation feeling. On the street side will be a low wall with the name of the villa, just as if you were entering a vacation park. Under the name some more dune grass, to enhance the feeling.

Tough and cozy
An important theme in this design is the characteristics of the clients, two different characters. It’s nice to see those characters so present, which allowed them to be translated well into the design.

Initially it was to be a sturdy, rowdy villa, But we also discovered another side; that of coziness, warmth and atmosphere. The tough elements are mainly on the front of the house, given the high gutters, sleek facade layout and colors. However, when you are in the house or garden, you see, above all, coziness and security. This is because of the low gutters, lots of glass and the chimney.

Cooking and eating
A great love for (outdoor) cooking and eating makes the kitchen positioned in the garden. The large windows allow the kitchen to function as both an indoor and outdoor kitchen. To enhance the hospitality feel, a courtyard was designed next to the kitchen with a tree under which a large dining table stands. This tree with dining table is the central part of the home. All accommodation areas are built around this. The pool is also adjacent to this lovely central dining area.

With these themes, a house was designed in which, of course, all other wishes were also realized on the 3 floors. The color-materials desire is of course respected. But 1 more material was added; the brick in a beautiful sand color, totally matching the themes of course.

Curious about the stories of other villas? Please feel free to contact me. I am happy to tell you more about my inspirations, and ideas. But even more I am curious to hear your ideas and (life) stories. In order to think with you about your dream home. A home that breathes all kinds of personal aspects of you/you, and belongs to you.

Inspirational greeting,

Kees Spek

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