Vacation in your own garden

Vacation in your own garden

Luxurious, comfortable and comprehensive. Today’s high-end wellness gardens are fully equipped and make staying indoors almost unnecessary on hot days. Because the requirements that clients bring to Don Hoveniers – specialists in the design and construction of wellness gardens – often include more than just a pool. “From luxurious outdoor showers, whirlpools or various terraces to pool houses that incorporate an outdoor kitchen, sauna, outdoor living room and a toilet,” indicates owner Martijn Poortvliet. “We even realize wellness gardens that incorporate all of the above.”

“Often these are projects that involve a lot, as different parties work together to create a garden like this. We as DON Hoveniers have been coordinating projects involving many parties for years. For the client, this works fine because communication is only through DON Hoveniers. We work exclusively with suppliers who supply high-quality materials and elements. This ensures that clients can optimally enjoy their beautiful garden.”

Martijn Poortvliet selected two dream gardens that match the luxurious look of today’s wellness gardens. “And also in these gardens, the dreams and wishes of the clients are the most important ingredients to achieve a top-notch design. Of course in combination with the budget and the possibilities the place offers us. In this way, each garden tells the personal story of the client.”

Paradise Decking Garden
This beautiful villa – built by Livingstone Villa Construction – is surrounded by natural area. The garden, through the use of natural materials, is completely in tune with this. A large part of the garden consists of decking and from this part, residents enjoy a beautiful view of the water. In addition, a pool of dark color was installed. This creates a natural effect that fits with the environment. The garden has plenty of seating areas, ensuring that residents can seek the sun at any time of day. The outdoor shower is matte black and is from the top brand JEE-O. Corten steel was mostly used for the borders.

Ultimate wellness garden
In Oostvoorne, Don Hoveniers realized a beautiful wellness garden in cooperation with Van Daalen Houtbouw and Bos Watertechniek. The client wanted a new pool with pool house. The outdoor living area includes a kitchen, a sitting area with rotating fireplace, a sauna and a toilet. Large compartments with unified planting create a tranquil whole that makes the overall look tell a beautiful story.

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