VANTAGE – Self-cleaning pool

VANTAGE – Self-cleaning pool

A self-cleaning pool built into your garden; no longer an illusion but the luxurious reality!

Whatever type of pool you choose, Compass Pools cares that you can enjoy it every moment! Tedious and time-consuming operations for maintaining your built-in pool are a thing of the past; Compass Pools offers the exclusive VANTAGE system, suitable for all pool models!

The unique circulation and cleaning system collects pool debris and continuously provides crystal clear water. The VANTAGE system is self-cleaning and reaches ledges, steps, grab rails and other areas in pools that a regular bottom vacuum cannot reach. An additional benefit is the reduction in the use of chemicals and the number of maintenance visits. The VANTAGE system leaves any pool vacuum cleaner far behind and is the epitome of user-friendliness; you don’t have to do anything yourself and thus have a self-cleaning pool!

Compass Pools’ deluxe VANTAGE system is virtually invisible, so it does not detract from the appearance of the pool. The spray nozzles and accessories are available in three different colors, making them perfect for combining with your chosen pool colors. The telescopic pop-up spray nozzles of the VANTAGE system reach an area four times larger and more powerful than that of conventional cleaning systems. So a VANTAGE system not only provides a self-cleaning pool but also adds to the luxurious look of the pool in your garden!

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