Villa in Veenendaal naturally lit with in-lite

Villa in Veenendaal naturally lit with in-lite

In Veenendaal stands and stately home in a particularly natural setting. The surrounding garden is designed to merge with the surrounding nature. To naturally illuminate this beautiful home even at night, high-quality LED lighting solutions from in-lite were used.

Front, side and backyard fully lit with in-lite
A smart transformer was installed in this garden in Veenendaal. This transformer is controlled through a smartphone app. It is also possible to provide three main lines with lighting and control them separately from each other. This makes it possible to work in lighting zones. In this project, one transformer was used to light the entire front, side, and backyard with in-lite. A row of stately ACE fixtures is placed along the path with a tiltable light source. This allows the lighting effect to be adjusted to personal taste.

Natural light
Among the tall grass are the new SWAY fixtures. This series of fixtures completely merges with nature. The SWAY series was developed from the idea that a free-standing fixture can be one with the garden, so it does not always have to stand out. SWAY produces a beautifully diffuse and natural light image. In addition, the SWAY fixtures undulate with the wind, creating a beautiful shadow play among the plantings at night. Thanks to these features, these fixtures become one with the natural beauty in the garden, so to speak.

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