Vloerenhuis Amsterdam – Parquet and underfloor heating

Vloerenhuis Amsterdam – Parquet and underfloor heating

At het Vloerenhuis Amsterdam, our team is still sometimes asked whether parquet can be combined with underfloor heating. Not a strange question because it is far from being known to everyone, the answer is simple…YES it can!

In this blog I would like to take you through the possibilities of parquet on underfloor heating. I do this using four topics: wood species, floor thickness, installation and R-value. For each topic, I briefly explain what to look out for as a consumer.

Wood type
Parquet is available in many wood species, think Oak, Walnut, Afzelia or Teak, for example. Some types of wood are more suitable than others. For example, a solid oak plank is not suitable on underfloor heating in which against an oak system plank is.

Therefore, it is important to always check carefully with the specialist whether the floor you have in mind will also fit in combination with underfloor heating.

Thickness of the floor
It is important to pay close attention to the thickness of the floor. The thicker the floor, the less benefit from underfloor heating. As Flooring House, we advise our customers to stick to a maximum thickness of 15 mm and choose the thinnest parquet possible.

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There are two options regarding mounting; floating or glued. We prefer to glue a wood floor on underfloor heating directly to the screed. The reason: the underfloor heating is then used optimally because the floor is less thick.

If the floor is to be laid floating, there are also plenty of options in combination with underfloor heating. The parquet floor usually does become a bit thicker than with a glued parquet floor. This is because of the subfloor that is laid with a floating floor. In fact, this subfloor also contributes to the overall thickness. Special subfloors are available that have a minimal effect on the efficiency of underfloor heating.

More and more, consumers are coming to us with certain requirements about the R-value. This information is often provided through the developer or installer. This often has to do with the underfloor heating system that is present in the home. As Vloerenhuis Amsterdam, we find that there is always a solution that meets the conditions set.

In summary, Parquet on underfloor heating is possible. A real parquet floor is a beautiful sight and also a very durable solution! Want to know more about the possibilities? Visit our showroom or contact us at info@vloerenhuis.nl or 020 – 622 65 21.

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