VOLA confesses color!

VOLA confesses color!

Arne Jacobsen, the Danish designer behind the VOLA faucets first created in 1968, knew that through material and color he could not only establish a powerful design, but also create an entire atmosphere.

After realizing that colorful faucets could be an essential part of a design and create distinctive spaces as a result, VOLA chose ten expressive hues in 1970. These gave character to the range of kitchen and bathroom faucets, and for the first time, these spaces became new places for personal expression.

Jacobsen’s first foray into the world of color for VOLA was with orange and gray tones in which early prototypes were made. He preferred the grays inspired by the tone of concrete; the muted gray pigment is now a timeless classic for any interior. Today, the ten original powder-coat shades have evolved into a palette of fifteen colors, six of the original ten of which can still be seen. These are an integral part of VOLA’s design identity, with each hue offering the opportunity to shape the spirit of a space. Even in a world of mass production, every product configuration, of which there are many possible combinations, is available in any of 15 powder coat colors. These are hand-colored in Horsens, Denmark, where each product is built to order. In addition to the 15 powder coat colors, VOLA has 4 standard metal colors (chrome, matte chrome, unpainted brass and brushed stainless steel) and 8 PVD coatings (including brushed black, – copper and – gold). Explore VOLA’s wide range of colors and product combinations through the Configurator.

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