VOLA: For timeless and truly durable design

VOLA: For timeless and truly durable design

Half a century after the first collaboration with design legend Arne Jacobsen, VOLA’s minimalist and iconic faucets, showers and accessories are still as modern and timeless as the day they were launched.

By sticking to the original design and maintaining a very high standard of quality all this time, the Danish brand has built a flawless reputation. The elegant designs are now made in 27 colors to match any design style.

In today’s times, sustainability is one of the most crucial global issues. From its inception in 1968, VOLA has taken a sustainable approach. From a deep respect for nature, its precious resources are carefully used and ensured that they are protected. Only the best types of steel and brass are used to ensure that the products have a long life, and it is also possible to repair or replace individual parts, regardless of age. Most of the residual waste in production is recycled. VOLA has set itself the goal of being carbon neutral by 2030 at the latest.

All this has resulted in internationally recognized Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) which objectively reflect VOLA’s environmental responsibility and show that this faucet manufacturer has fully grasped the circular economy and is putting it into practice.

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