What does a low chlorine hydrolysis system with Bead filter get you?

What does a low chlorine hydrolysis system with Bead filter get you?

Swimming in clear, healthy and natural water is an important commodity for every swimming enthusiast. By installing the right technology in a pool or biopool, you get safe swimming water without too many chemicals. Red eyes or irritated skin from using chlorine? Not with a Thermostar pool and filter system.

A number of commonly known irritations can occur at a swimming pool. Think red eyes, irritated skin or irritated airways, but especially a typical pool smell. That odor is often caused by the use of chloramines and chemical disinfectants. Thermostar builds pools that do not require these agents to keep the pool water clean.

Natural swimming: the standard at Thermostar
At Thermostar, we know all about water quality, but more importantly, what it takes to maintain optimal quality. But, how do we keep the water quality of your pool optimal, without the use of chemicals? We do this by installing a hydrolysis water disinfection system as standard. Hydrolysis naturally generates disinfectants (such as OH, ozone, oxygen and water peroxide).

Low-chlorine disinfection
These natural disinfectants are created by the splitting of H and O atoms in the water molecule (H2O), the moment it comes into contact with electricity. The compounds released have a highly effective disinfectant effect, stronger than chlorine. We also install a UV-C unit, for additional natural disinfection. The radiation from UV-C kills harmful bacteria and viruses.

Dare to choose a filter with beads
You see them more often in swimming ponds than in pools: a Bead Filter installation. Yet Thermostar deliberately prefers a Bead filter to a standard glass filter, as other pool builders often install. Why? Because a Bead filter saves more water and is more energy efficient than a glass filter. Because the filter filters with “beads,” you need less energy to get the water through the filter. In addition, biological filtration also takes place in a Bead filter. Beneficial bacteria attach to the beads and naturally break down harmful substances such as ammonium, nitrite and nitrate.

Do you want a natural pool or biopool?
After reading this article, are you looking for a natural pool or biopool? Then you’ve come to the right place at Thermostar Pools and Biopools. Please contact contact with us and we will be happy to help you and discuss options.

What does a low-chlorine hydrolysis system with Bead filter give me?

  • Less water consumption;
  • Bathing water of drinking quality;
  • Reduced energy consumption of pump and system;
  • Optimal swimming comfort;
  • Low-maintenance pool;
  • A company with high-level knowledge of water quality.

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