What does energy neutral building mean?

What does energy neutral building mean?

More and more hard work is being done for a sustainable future. The government is working hard to achieve this in the coming years. Energy-neutral construction is a fundamental issue for housing in this regard, and this is strongly motivated from the government. In doing so, however, there are rules that your future home must meet. But what is energy neutral building, what are the benefits and how can Livingstone help you? We answer all that in this blog.

What is energy neutral building?
Different concepts are used within energy-neutral building. For example, you have probably heard of a zero-to-meter home, BENG, BEN and climate-neutral building.

Energy-neutral building refers to the consumption and generation of energy. It means that over the entire year, the home produces as much energy as it consumes. As a result, you will have zero on the meter at the end of the year. And that gives you many advantages.

Features of a zero energy home
You don’t achieve an energy-neutral home overnight. You must consider several solutions when building the home. For example, you can think about integrating solar panels, providing the home with good insulation, triple glazing and a heat pump. In doing so, you generate your own energy and ensure that the energy is hardly lost. Livingstone will discuss all options with you in advance. This ensures that you are fully equipped with all energy neutral solutions.

In addition to the properties of the home, it is also important that you yourself pay attention to how you use energy. Once this goes up it will also show up on your energy meter. Therefore, be sure to limit your own use as much as possible.

Benefits of building energy neutral
Building a zero-energy home is an investment. But it brings many benefits. First, these homes are energy efficient which means you will have very low energy costs. The result is expected to be zero on the energy meter. In addition, energy-efficient homes are tremendously comfortable. Because of the good insulation, heat is retained well in the winter, and in the summer months the house is wonderfully cool.

An energy-neutral home also has a good ventilation system. Polluted air is removed and you can enjoy the supply of fresh air. Finally, a zero-energy house has no CO2 emissions, so you are making a wonderful contribution to nature.

Building energy neutral with Livingstone
Livingstone has built many energy-neutral homes over the years. Want to learn more about the possibilities of energy-neutral construction? If so, feel free to contact us or schedule a no-obligation appointment with one of our architects. Livingstone is happy to help!

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