What is the maximum width of a pivot door?

What is the maximum width of a pivot door?

People regularly ask about the maximum width of a pivot door. Do you also run with that question? You are probably hesitating between different sizes for the pivot doors in your home.

How wide can you make a pivot door?

The weight of the steel door rests via the pivot hinge as a fulcrum, on the ground. That’s the beauty of a pivot system. A pivot door does not hang from hinges on the side. Therefore, we can make a pivot door much larger for you than an ordinary steel door. Moreover, we can choose a strategic location for the pivot hinge in the lower beam. If we place the pivot hinge or support in the center of the door, we can make it twice the size. Once we know what we will make for you, we will select the pivot hinge that best suits 1. the dimensions and 2. the weight of the pivot door. In the showroom, you can try a pivot door 160 cm wide that hinges in the middle. The pivot hinge used can support 120 kg but other models can handle much more.

Note the proportions

Where does it go wrong? Remember that a door always has a certain ratio. The end result should not look too short and too wide. So the height of the steel pivot door is also important. With the compartmentalization, we can accommodate a lot aesthetically. Vertical rods will then make the pivot door look slimmer.

Fixed or “moving” side panel

If the opening offers enough space for a door with a side panel, then we have two options. A door with a side panel in the ratio of 1.5 or 1.6 is very nice. For example, a pivot door 1 meter wide with a side panel of 50 centimeters or one of 90 cm wide and a side light of 54 centimeters. Both variants are in the showroom. Come and see, even without the formula of the golden ratio in mind you will feel that the proportions are correct. But we can also incorporate the side light into the pivot door. When opening the steel pivot door, the “side panel” moves in the opposite direction. With a vertical rod on top of the pivot hinge, you make the pivot axis very visible.

Where should I start?

Come to the showroom! Here you can try out the different steel doors. How does it feel to walk through a door 90 cm wide? What is the difference with 100 cm wide? What effect does “closed” and “open” compartmentalization have on me? How much sound does a steel pivot door dampen? Is this enough for the TV or game room? All of this can be felt, seen and heard here.

New living enjoyment

Your interior will have a completely new look. The new living enjoyment comes with a minimum of technical changes. It is a timeless investment that provides optimal light, ambiance and an unparalleled piece of craftsmanship in your home. Are you ready for this change? Let’s agree. Through the site, you can easily schedule an appointment online at a time that is convenient for you.

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