What makes a house a home?

What makes a house a home?

A home is something you largely create yourself, but when you start building your own house, the feeling of home plays an important role from moment one. So at Mattone, we prefer to speak of “a new home” rather than a new villa or house. But how do you make a new house fit like a jacket and make you feel right at home?

What is the definition of feeling at home?
According to Mattone, a home is a collection of experiential moments, of small and large events. A place where most life events take place that you experience together with the people close to you. That place, that is your home.

So basically we are building a context for the important moments in your life. A gathering place of experiences, emotions, memorable celebrations and…the home port as a base and resting point. That’s why our architects pay so much attention to the story of your new dream home. Because we are aware that we are not selling foundations, walls, roofs or piles of bricks but a new home … for you and those you love.

Why does architecture determine the feeling of home?
We don’t just build, we have in-house architects who are involved in the project from the first moment. Because of this intensive and personal collaboration, conversations with the client develop in depth. Only then will our architects find out what is important to you in a home and how you prefer to use your spaces. They ask pointed questions and get you thinking about how you want to live in the long run. Thanks to this amount of personal information, our architects have an immediate sense of which way the design should go. Not only in terms of style, but so certainly in terms of functionality.

Map out how you prefer to live
Do you own or have your eye on a lot and want to build your dream home? Then ask yourself beforehand: how do I prefer to use each space? What possibilities does the plot offer, what does the surrounding area look like? Do you want a cozy dining area that exudes security or rather a live-in kitchen with large windows and wide views? What are you looking for in a bedroom? Want an ensuite bathroom or a French balcony to quietly enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning sun? Of course, the possibilities are endless, but the most important thing is to incorporate elements into the design that suit you. Only then will you feel at home.

These clients went before you
In our Mattone Master Builder magazine, read stories of clients who went before you and have already built their dream home with Mattone. For example, Jaap and Johanna had a country home built and paid extra attention to elements that you don’t readily adjust afterwards, such as the stairs, front door and entryway. In their home, you really enter somewhere as a guest, and as a resident, you immediately feel at home. You will also read other inspirational pieces, such as the interview with Mattone’s architects that talks about what inspires them in the various projects. Or what the initial process looks like, before you start building. Would you also like to read more about what is involved in building your own home? Then request the Mattone Master Builder now and we’ll send it to you free of charge.

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