What makes a kitchen timeless?

What makes a kitchen timeless?

A look back at your parents’ kitchen makes it clear that we have gone through a lot of change in style, design and technology in recent years. Since the turn of the century, clean lines, quieter colors and luxury equipment have been the trend. But how to prevent the kitchen you are proud of now from going “out of style” again 10 years from now. That’s where Hubbers interior designers will help you!

Sustainably built
A timeless kitchen? Is if you ask us first and foremost a kitchen that will last! We build with the future in mind. A kitchen is used intensively every day. Therefore, we ensure that everything we make is solidly built. In addition, we work with hard-wearing materials as much as possible. This design assures you of an interior that will last for years and is also easy to maintain.

Functional layout
A kitchen design is always a wonderful interplay between design and functionality. When we design your kitchen, we include your ideas and examples all in the creative design. In addition, our interior designers have extensive experience in the practical side of kitchen design. Because ultimately, a kitchen is for working in. We ensure that all equipment is ergonomically positioned and that the kitchen is completely tailored to your needs. This makes cooking always a party. In our own furniture workshop we realize your kitchen, our specialists assemble the kitchen at your location.

A timeless design
Timeless design is very personal, as some are more trend-sensitive than others. We think with you about the right choice of material, color and design. With years of experience, our interior designers are able to translate your wishes into an appropriate design. Basically, we keep it timeless and respond to trends in finishes and detailing. For example, brass handles or bronze glass doors. You can easily replace these when you get tired of them.

A kitchen that will still fit you like a jacket 10 years from now… It seems impossible, but nothing could be further from the truth. Are you curious about what we can design and realize for you? Take a look around our kitchen!

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