What many people don’t know…

What many people don’t know…

By now it is well known that you can come to us for the design of your (rooftop) garden or estate, for example. It is also known that afterwards we are able to realize and maintain this design for you like no other. Less well known is that we can completely unburden you throughout the entire process. In fact, we have all the disciplines to fulfill your gardening needs from A to Z. Not only the necessary ground work, the installation of sprinkler systems or garden lighting, but also the construction of, for example, your canopy, gazebo, pool house or pergola, we carry out the entire job for you. And of course this includes the construction of swimming pools or ponds, Jacuzzis and saunas!

No challenge is too crazy for us! All this means that we can usually work much more efficiently than many others. Where normally different companies have to be involved, with us this is not necessary. You have everything under one roof with us. So no separate excavator for the excavation of the foundation, for the setting, masonry and pointing, but one trusted company with skilled employees who together are experts in all fields.

Needless to say, we are the supplier of ALL the trees and plants you want in your garden. We create the planting plans based on your requirements and come and expertly plant the trees and plants.

a small house in a garden

But what many people do not know is that we can also be of service to you in advising and purchasing, for example, awnings, parasols, garden furniture, outdoor kitchens, BBQs, planters and various beautiful pots.

We supply virtually all brands, and you have also come to the right place for customization. Consider a custom-made garden bench or table as well as a garden fireplace bearing your name or logo.

If you miss anything in the above, please indicate it. If so, Fons Linders Garden Masters will be happy to take a look with you.

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