Where craftsmanship and design go hand in hand

Where craftsmanship and design go hand in hand

Passion, fire is my life.

Colard Winde,owner-director C.W. Rustic Construction Fireplaces:
“Driven by our passion for the trade, we do everything ourselves, from design to realization. So the foundation, the chimney cap, even the bricklaying: hardly anyone does that anymore”

“For 29 years I have been selling, restoring and installing authentic fireplaces and unique designer fireplaces. When I was nineteen I bought my first marble fireplace and proudly built it myself in my own home, that’s where the passion was born. In the beginning I focused on classic fireplaces, in the course of time the modern ones were added. The fireplace, in whatever form, is a beautiful product. It brings warmth, comfort, peace and harmony to any home and is the centerpiece of a room!” Because of our passion, expertise and customization, we are in high demand at home and abroad.

“Everyone has their own set of expectations and there is a lot of choice. Do you burn wood or gas? Open or closed with glass? A modern or antique fireplace? And maybe someone has ideas for their own design. In our showrooms, inspiration can be found and we think with you to make every wish come true. Part of our strength: we are not dependent on anyone.

Craftsmanship is mastery
.W. Rustic Construction is also one of the last remaining specialists who can still make large castle fireplaces.

Design atmospheres
But it is just as much of a challenge and pleasure for me to install a modern fireplace. For example, we recently made a four-and-a-half-meter-wide pool fireplace on propane fire. An eye-catching ambient between pool and terrace, with glass on one side and an open fire on the other. I would like to have something like that myself. Have to build a pool first, though, haha.”

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