Which outdoor flooring fits your pool?

Which outdoor flooring fits your pool?

You want to make something special out of your garden. When putting together a garden with a pool, there are many choices. Perhaps the two most important choices you make for a garden with a pool are what type of pool and what outdoor flooring do you choose to go with it? The pool and the outdoor floor should fit well together and together form a beautiful whole.

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What do you pay attention to when choosing outdoor flooring for your pool?
A common mistake made with garden pools is that no practical consideration is given to the outside floor placed around the pool, when you step out of the pool, you step directly on the outside floor with your bare feet.

If you choose tiles you will find that on a hot day tiles can get very hot. You’ll also need to clean tiles regularly, and drains will need to be incorporated to ensure that rainwater can get away.

With a wood or composite decking, you will find that over time the boards will discolor, rot, splinter and warp. Not desirable when getting out of your pool.

Not having to worry about your outdoor flooring.
So what is a nice and practical choice? If you’re looking for the look and feel of a real wood deck but don’t want the drawbacks, Millboard is the perfect solution.

Millboard floorboards are made from limestone powder and contain no wood. As a result, the boards do not splinter, rot or warp. A Millboard outdoor floor requires virtually no maintenance due to its special top layer.

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The screws you use to attach a Millboard decking disappear into the boards. And even in warm weather, the planks remain easily walkable with bare feet. So you have a pool deck that fits within the design of your garden, is safe and practical so you can enjoy it carefree.

Want to experience the color and texture of Millboard for yourself? Then request a free sample. Or be inspired. Learn more about Millboard outdoor flooring at: wooddeck.co.uk.

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