Why choose ceramic wood-look tiles?

Why choose ceramic wood-look tiles?

Discover the benefits of ceramic wood-look tiles. The natural look and practical convenience make this special type of tile particularly popular. Especially when combined with underfloor heating. The ceramic floor tiles are barely distinguishable from real wood and is suitable for your living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom.

In recent years, we have noticed that wood-look tiles are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in more and more homes. Wood-look tiles are basically tiles that look an awful lot like wood. Where normally you really stick to the tile look, now you can specifically choose to incorporate a wood look into your current style. Wood is a common style element applied in modern homes today. In our showroom you can view the different wood-look tiles.

The warm appearance of wood, incorporated into a tile, makes ceramic parquet the ideal solution for the floor of your living space. The durable and low-maintenance nature of your new tile floor combines very well with underfloor heating. Optimal living enjoyment that you can enjoy for years to come. The ceramic tiles are available in a variety of sizes, in strips going up to 180 and even 300 cm. Wood-look tiles can also be applied as wall tiles.

Ceramic wood-look tiles are also great for your bathroom. This is because moisture does not get a chance. The walls and floor of any washroom are given a special look by the warm atmosphere of the wood look and are easy to keep clean. A ceramic tile combined with underfloor heating obviously adds an extra dimension to your bathroom.

Benefits of ceramic wood-look tiles:

  • Ceramic parquet is barely distinguishable from real wood
  • You create the same warm atmosphere as a wooden floor or wall
  • Excellent to combine with underfloor heating
  • Highly durable, wear and scratch resistant
  • Available in tiles and strips rising to 180 and 300 cm
  • Joints are kept to a minimum with matching color
  • Very low maintenance, no need for sanding and varnishing

Curious about the options? We welcome you to our showroom where we can show you all the possibilities!

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