Why the Starline Dynamic Line is the ultimate family pool

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Spring and summer are once again upon us. Just a little longer and we can enjoy the warm sunshine again. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to take a refreshing dip in your own Starline pool? For families with children, Starline has a special family pool: the Dynamic Line.

What makes the Dynamic Line the ultimate family pool?

Large pool
Lots of space is of great importance in a family pool. At 11 meters long, the Dynamic Line is big enough for all kinds of activities: from lane swimming to volleyball. The Dynamic Line provides a summer vacation full of entertainment, for you and your children. A staycation has never been so much fun!

Safety Edge
The Dynamic Line has a safety edge. This provides additional support to the pool cover when it is subjected to extra stress. An extra bit of security is nice with children. Of course, it is always important that you pay attention yourself.

Standing edge and lounge platform
Also, the Dynamic Line has a standing edge. This allows you to take a break between swims without leaving the pool. You can additionally choose a luxurious corner staircase with lounge platform. An extra place to lounge and rest after a game of volleyball.

Luxury family pool
Starline manufactures high quality luxury Monoblock® pools. The one-piece pools have a long lifespan and do not leak. This way you will enjoy your luxurious family pool for years to come.

In addition, Starline has a wide range of water treatment products, filters, pumps and other installations. These Starline products can automate your pool as much as possible – leaving you with all the time you need to enjoy the luxury of your own pool with your family.

Check with Starline for options for this luxury family pool.

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