WiFi calling; the solution for well-insulated homes

WiFi calling; the solution for well-insulated homes

Nothing is more annoying than a bad phone connection. Failing calls, poor coverage: for many, it’s annoyance number one in and around the home. Especially in well-insulated homes, it is common that the telephone connection is not optimal. This is because the materials used not only keep the heat in, but also stop your phone’s connection to the transmission tower. The solution? Call via a WiFi connection! UnlimitedWifi.com is happy to help you get a WiFi network that does meet your requirements.

What is WiFi calling?
Are you calling via WiFi? Then the connection from your smartphone does not run directly to the transmission tower but through the WiFi network. If there is a good WiFi network in the home, you will also have excellent coverage indoors. UnlimitedWifi.com always provides its networks with MiMo (multi-in/multi-out) transmitters. As a result, WiFi calling is optimally supported.

Always accessible
If you are walking from outside to inside during a call, you don’t want the call to falter or even drop out altogether. Therefore, the WiFi network of UnlimitedWifi.com detects that your connection is in danger of being lost and therefore automatically switches to WiFi calling. You can simply continue your conversation as if nothing is wrong.

Excellent quality
UnlimitedWiFi.co.uk guarantees very fast connection establishment and HD audio quality. So no noise, no hiccups and no more waiting for the call to start!

Contact us
Do you have a well-insulated home and want to be able to make normal phone calls inside? Check out our page on Wi-Fi calling or contact us and we’ll take care of everything for you.

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