Work for specialists, tailored to customer needs

Work for specialists, tailored to customer needs

Pools at Gardens Paul Nijst designs and builds high-quality polypropylene monoblock custom swimming pools. The customer can assemble their pool entirely according to their wishes and needs to an appropriate budget. Both the size, color, lighting, type of staircase and shutter can be chosen completely freely. There are plenty of opportunities to enter the summer with full enjoyment. These monoblock pools are manufactured with care in Belgium.

High quality polypropylene monoblock pools.

Paul Nijst’s pools are constructed from PPC sheets. These monoblock pools can therefore be completely custom built. PPC monoblock pools are extremely durable, colorfast, 100% waterproof, osmosis-resistant, UV-resistant and above all energy-efficient! An additional advantage is that PPC will never fade. This keeps the pools shining aesthetically superior in the sun.

Our 5 key points in swimming pools

  • 1 point of contact
  • Correct positioning
  • 3D visualization of your pool
  • Placement in 5 days
  • Combination pool and garden possible

Types of pools:

  • High-water line pools
  • Overflow pools
  • Infinity pools

PPC high-water line pools use high-quality skimmers that provide an extremely high water level, up to several inches from the edge.

Paul Nijst’s infinity pools are one of a kind. The water flows over the rimstone into the buffer tank. It has a large pre-filter and is equipped with a leaf catcher.

The infinity pools look best when there are level differences in the landscape and garden. With this concept, the water spills over the long and/or short side. These baths are developed from high level!

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