Working from home but still atmosphere

Working from home but still atmosphere

It is spring, the large luxury French doors are immediately opened at the slightest ray of sunlight, Holland is waking up. The birds are chirping and we get tingles in our bellies.

Everyone has been working for some time to bring the garden out of hibernation. Since many of us will continue to work from home for the time being and working from home is also going to be more the new normal in the future, it is not surprising that we want to dress up our home environment more neatly and luxuriously. This moment is the time to also think about lighting the garden.

The renowned landscaper incorporates garden lighting into a new project but what if the garden is already completely decorated or you still want a different atmosphere? you don’t go to a garden lighting specialist yourself to get a dozen spotlights and then put them under a tree or shrub yourself, this solution is called illuminating and you see it everywhere in every garden, the sameness, you don’t want that, do you?

We don’t light but we light and lighting is a profession, just as a specialist is called in for indoor lighting we make a thorough lighting plan for outdoors and totally different than a landscaper takes this into their project, light!

With a well thought out lighting plan for the exterior, the atmosphere indoors is extended to outdoors to create a luxurious and tranquil ambience experience, no restless spots of light in the garden but a total ambiance. We further accentuate this atmospheric experience by adding depth and shadowing in the lighting design for the greatest possible luxurious total illumination.

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