Working from home requires perfect WiFi

Working from home requires perfect WiFi

Working from home is becoming more commonplace. A good and stable WiFi connection is the minimum needed to enjoy working. But how do you ensure good WiFi in your home? WiFi amplifiers, mesh systems or a new router often do not provide the desired solution. In this blog, we explain how you do get good WiFi for working from home.

Why WiFi amplifiers are not the solution

The name says it all; a WiFi amplifier is supposed to boost the WiFi signal. They do, but if the amplifier is placed in the wrong place, the device will amplify the weak signal. The quality of the signal does not improve while you do see 3 bars on your smartphone with all the frustrations that entails. Read all about how WiFi amplifiers work here.

Nor does a new router offer the solution. Because suppose you have an office on the second floor, the signal has to pass through two floors to reach the office. And no matter how good the router is: you will still have poor coverage.

Finally, we want to say something about mesh systems. These are actually WiFi amplifiers that work together in a network. While this will work slightly better than a single device, they still encounter the same obstacles. For example, the concrete floor or the insulated exterior wall. And a mesh system won’t get the signal through there either.

So you do get fast WiFi throughout the house and garden

Walls, floors and glass facades block WiFi signal. Therefore, the only way for a stable wireless network is to install access points in the right places. These devices are connected to the router with a UTP cable. This way, you will have a strong WiFi signal anywhere in and around the home. The access points work together so that your smartphone or laptop is always connected to the strongest signal.

Want perfectly functioning WiFi while working from home?

Blazing fast WiFi anywhere in the home. That gives the freedom to work anywhere in the house you want. Or maybe even nice outside in the garden with nice weather. Such is the convenience of a well-built WiFi network. has years of experience building wireless networks in detached homes and villas. We guarantee proper operation and we guarantee to mount everything out of sight. So no wiring and unsightly boxes on walls or ceilings.

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