Your home reflects the world

Your home reflects the world

Trends 2022
That fashion and also interior design trends are influenced by what is going on in society is nothing new. For example, do you know the fact that red lipstick is worn much more in times of war? Apparently, such a bright color has something to do with wanting to radiate strength and independence.

Peaceful oasis
Corona and the war in ukraine shook our world for a while. Logically, then, we see the effect of this reflected in the trends. More than ever, our home is a peaceful oasis, where we escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We long for security, safety and social contact. That social need is translated by designers into colors, materials and shapes.

Nature represents peace and balance. Therefore, we see many nature-inspired trends: shapes and prints of plants, warm, earthy colors and undulating lines. With the cheerful counterpart of color accents in lilac, rose, yellow or green and cuddly materials, such as velvet and (fake) fur, providing the necessary softness.

Warm-pink hues deliver an elegant look, with a feminine touch. Combine them with dark (walnut) wood in addition, we want clarity and clarity. This is reflected by the revaluation of glass and transparent materials, beautifully designed in sweet pastel tones. Lastly, environmental awareness is becoming more natural and many are made from recyclable materials, such as paper pulp.

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