Your ideal parasol in 4 steps

Your ideal parasol in 4 steps

A large parasol, a small parasol, a parasol with center mast or side mast, to choose or not to choose additional options such as lighting and heating, the color of the cloth, logo printing? We can well imagine that it is difficult to find a suitable parasol to suit your terrace from all the possibilities. In 4 steps, you choose the right parasol:

1. What does your patio look like now?
The current situation of your patio and the area you want sheltered is the first step in your parasol selection process. Wind always plays a role with an umbrella. Where does the wind on your patio come from? And how often do you open and close your parasol as a result? Before purchasing, it is also important to consider how the sun is shining on your patio and thus how your parasol should be able to stand or rotate to provide proper shade.

2. Which parasol best suits your patio?
The previous step has given you an idea of the size of your patio and what area you want sheltered. Now you are going to fill in the patio and choose the appropriate umbrella(s). There are plenty of options. Thus, you have the choice of 3 types of parasols: center pole parasols up to about 260cm, large center pole parasols up to 500cm and parasols with a pole on the side. With a parasol with a mast on the side, the cloth hangs above the seating area but no one is looking at the mast. A smart choice in space saving.

A tilt function, possible with both center-mast and side-mast umbrellas, can be very useful during low-hanging sun. You can then tilt the parasol so that you always have the right shade.

Additional options such as heating and lighting allow you to enjoy the outdoors even longer.

3. How will your parasol be assembled?
There are several ways to mount your parasol: underground (completely in the ground), above ground or a combination of both.

In doing so, check which mounting is best for your parasol. The larger the parasol, the sturdier the upper or underground base. With the overhead feet, it is additionally advisable to consider the number of pounds of the foot. The location of your parasol is also important. A parasol on a sheltered terrace needs a different base than a parasol on a rooftop terrace.

4. Do you know how the parasol works?
Make sure you know how to open and close the parasol properly. And, of course, how best to clean the parasol. This prevents damage to the umbrella and also ensures that setting up your patio takes little time.

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