A new era in Flemish luxury real estate

A new era in Flemish luxury real estate

HIGH.design at the unveiling of Christie’s Real Estate Belgium

We recently attended an extraordinarily special event and are happy to share our excitement with you! Lauran van den Bogaart, Country Director Belgium, and Pris van de Groenendaal, Content Marketer, represented HOOG.design during an exclusive meeting at the breathtaking Mishaegen Castle estate. This majestic castle, which has been beautifully renovated in recent years, was the focus of a large-scale announcement in partnership with Hillewaere Realty and Consulting and Christie’s International Real Estate. This collaboration led to the creation of Christie’s Real Estate Belgium, giving the international market access to the exclusive properties of Hillewaere Real Estate and Advice.

Lauran van den Bogaart was pleased to be present for this historic announcement. He understands the tremendous value that both Hillewaere and Christie’s Real Estate can bring to the international market through this partnership.

Christies Real Estate Belgium

Mishaegen Castle

During our visit to Mishaegen Castle, we were overwhelmed by the splendor of this breathtaking property. Pris van de Groenendaal, sharing her impressions with us, describes the castle as a masterpiece. The use of rare and hard-to-find materials, combined with unparalleled craftsmanship, results in a level of finish of sublime quality. Every room in the castle is phenomenal and exudes an air of luxury and exclusivity.

THE BEST Interior & Garden Designers

We are therefore pleased to announce to you that the castle is included in our upcoming book “The Best Interior and Garden Designers” featuring Rebecca Verstraete as interior designer. Already curious about what we saw, pre-order the new book now and receive it after the Sept. 28 launch.

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