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EX-IT Architectuur
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EX-IT Architecture is an architectural company active in (EX) exterior, (I) interior and (T) technology. We believe that uniting these three parts is necessary to arrive at a total concept where all elements of the design merge into one harmonious whole. EX-IT Architecture attaches great importance to the design process and to the development of such a total concept in which the interior and exterior layout merge with the architecture of the building.

The program of requirements and the budget that the client puts forward are meticulously respected and continuously evaluated. Buildings are designed on the basis of the user who will naturally find himself in the overall concept and where the client receives more than what he originally expected.

The functionality of the design remains the basic boundary with which this building must meet. The architectural qualities that complement this basic boundary always mean added value, which distinguishes the project from other buildings.

EX-IT architecture has many years of experience in energetic projects. We have been designing passive buildings since 2004 and the many years of experience we have gained in this respect, we also include in the development of low-energy buildings / energy-neutral buildings / BEN buildings and buildings that meet the current EPB requirements. All this leads to our buildings being very pleasant and healthy to live in. The different choices that have to be made are supported by energetic calculations in which air flow rates, humidity, superheating, etc… are discussed.

EX-IT Architecture only aims to design sustainable buildings. Given the increasing complexity of the program of requirements and the rapid social evolution, we try to develop a building in such a way that it has greater flexibility in the future.

Furthermore, EX-IT Architecture is known for its extensive and strongly substantiated technical elaboration of its projects. The entire project is drawn in full scale down to the smallest detail. As a result, all problems have already been examined, treated and solved in advance and the contractor knows exactly what must be provided for when preparing his price offers. EX-IT Architecture does not like additional costs during the execution of the works.

EX-IT Architecture wants to be in close contact with the client during the entire construction process. This leads to close involvement of the client in every phase of the construction project, so that the project will fully meet the predefined wishes. The architect continuously assists the client in the choice of the various interior elements in the relevant showrooms or he makes an extensive site report for each visit to the project in the site, so that the client can closely monitor the state of affairs.

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EX-IT Architectuur
Passive Villa
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EX-IT Architectuur
Project ’t Vier Emmershof
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EX-IT Architectuur
White design villa
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